Wednesday, February 15, 2017

You've Got to Checkout these Websites, Books, Podcasts and YouTube Videos

Here is a list of websites, books, podcasts and YouTube videos pertaining to CRE that you've got to check out!



Charlotte Business Journal - CRE News  - What's happening in CRE in Charlotte, NC
Raleigh/Durham Business Journal - CRE News - Updated info on CRE in the Triangle Area
Charleston Business Journal - CRE News - A fine resource of CRE news in Charleston, SC
Wilmington Business Journal - CRE News - Wilmington, NC CRE news
Bisnow - General commercial real estate news from around the country

Blogs & Forums
REtipster - Great blog directed at investors
Bigger Pockets - A large collection of forums and blogs
Multi-family Insiders - Blogs, forums and news pertaining to multi-family real estate

Real Estate Investing Clubs

Carolina REIA - Asheville real estate investor's club
Charlotte REIA - Charlotte real estate investor's club
Greenville REIA - Greenville real estate investor's club

Carolina Commercial Real Estate Blog also has a Facebook and Twitter account that are constantly updated with CRE news, blog posts and events.


We all need to read as much as we can!  The old adage "knowledge is power" is oh so true for investors.  The most powerful people in the world are vivacious readers.  Warren Buffett reads 500 pages a day.  Bill Gates reads 1 book per week.  Mark Cuban reads 3 hours a day.  Mark Zuckerburg reads 1 book every two weeks.  We all know about Oprah Winfrey's successful book club.  Below are some books that I've enjoyed and would like to share with you.

Hold: How to Find, Buy, and Rent Houses for Wealth
A fantastic book for new multi-family investors. It covers many topics needed to make good investing decisions.  You'll find this book on many investors' bookshelves.

Land Flipper: Turning Dirt into Dollars
If you have an interest in buying and selling land, this is a well-written, quick introduction.

Deals on Wheels
If you're interested in investing in mobile home parks, the author, Lonnie Scruggs, is the grandfather of the "fringe" mobile home investing circle.  The book is the cornerstone.

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure
Written by sales and marketing guru, Grant Cardone, this book will kick your ass and motivate you to take massive action toward accomplishing your goals.  This isn't a real estate book, but still very valuable to one who wants to think bigger and do more.

The Fundamentals of Listing and Selling Commercial Real Estate
This book is written from a realtor's perspective.  It covers a wide range of topics and types of CRE.  A valuable book to all investors in order to gain a complete understanding of the buy-sell cycle.

A Fortune to Share
This is a rare book written in 1931 by Vash Young. Young was a prominent motivational writer and speaker at the time. He recounts growing up poor and fearful, but came to the realization that he had to learn how to give in order to receive.  Practicing that noble notion, he became the top insurance salesman in the country.  Young says it best when he writes: "It often happens that the man who pursues the dollar too diligently finds it hard to catch, but if he will pursue some other and better goal, dollars come around to see what sort of fellow he is."


Podcasts are basically radio shows.  Some show hosts are pros, and some are amateurs.  The podcasts I've listed below are done by professionals.  You can download podcasts to your computer or to your cell phone (iPhones have a built-in app for podcasts).  I download them to my cell phone and listen while driving.  Why waste valuable time when you could be learning something new?  Give these podcasts a try next time you're on your way to the supermarket.

Land Academy - I don't even invest in much land, but this podcast never fails to inspire me to use new techniques to find real estate deals.

The Commercial Real Estate Show - The podcast is all about market forecasting and analysis.

YouTube Videos

You can learn just about anything on YouTube, which is why it is the second most searched site after Google.  Here is a list of channels I frequently visit.

This Old House Channel - As a multi-family owner, I'm always trying to learn more repair/rehab tricks.

How To Plumbing Repair Channel - Plumbing. Ugh! This guy is pretty prolific with plumbing videos.  Again, I'm always trying to know more.

REIS - This is a company that provides CRE data and analytics.  I like to check its YouTube channel once in awhile to get a snapshot of what's going on around the country.

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